Fall 2015

​     When Mitch Donovan appears out of nowhere in a hole-in-the-wall French Quarter music shop, shop owner Marlee Winters is stunned, to say the least. In fact, she’s speechless--rock and roll icon Mitch Donovan is dead, dead, dead...years dead, yet his spirit has just spun off a record she found in a box of donated albums.

     Mitch refuses to return to his haunted record unless Marlee finds its original owner whom he believes to be his long-ago lover, Fan. Then Marlee realizes that this ghost in hippie garb is the spitting image of Garrett McLemore, the man who brought in the records, and one of New Orleans’ most eligible--and most reclusive--bachelors.

     Intrigued, Marlee reluctantly agrees to abet Mitch’s quest for his long lost love, but how does she convince Garrett to cooperate?

     Look for it on Amazon in ebook and print in the Fall 2015.